The recipe for the doctor of medicine to secretly eat broccoli sprouts into the child’s meal

Think of broccoli sprouts as the baby stems of cruciferous vegetables, and because of their small size, they have The concentration of nutrients is higher than that of mature nutrients. (This is not to say that the broccoli grown is unhealthy, but healthy! The new sprouts are just another circle.)

Specifically, broccoli sprouts contain necessary ingredients to promote broccoli production Sulforaphane—You know, the kind of compound that is good for intestinal health Activate certain antioxidant genes In your body.In addition, sulforaphane also supports the body’s detoxification process: a study even showed that sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts Enzymes activated in the body Absorb contaminants from the blood and flush them out with urine.Maybe this is why the gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz, MD of MSCI, He said: “The best place to get sulforaphane is not broccoli; this is sprouts.” mindbodygreen podcast.

Bottom line? These tiny bean sprouts have a huge impact on nutrition.

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