New drug discovery may regenerate teeth: healthy


March 30, 2021-Scientists from Kyoto University and Fukui University propose a new study that offers some hope-according to a paper in “Science Progress”,

Medical Xpress reported that in animal studies, an antibody to a gene, uterine sensitization-related gene 1 or USAG-1, can stimulate tooth growth.

One administration can produce complete teeth. The researchers pointed out that the molecules behind tooth development are already known. Katsu Takahashi, one of the lead authors of this study and a senior lecturer at Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, explained: “The morphogenesis of a single tooth depends on several molecules including BMP or bone morphogenetic protein and Wnt signaling. Interaction.” . USAG-1 interacts with BMP and Wnt, and researchers know that inhibiting it will benefit tooth growth. “We don’t know if this is enough.” The researchers examined the effects of several monoclonal antibodies on USAG-1, which are commonly used in cancer treatment and vaccine development. One of the antibodies can only destroy the interaction between USAG-1 and BMP without any side effects.

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