If an expert plucks eyebrows too much, there are 4 secrets

Let’s say it again: Excessive eyebrows require patience and gentle care. But when you wait for brand new eyebrows to appear, you can certainly fill in the sparse areas to distribute them evenly.

First, de la Garza said, comb the eyebrows upwards into the shape of the eyebrows.Use eyebrow pencil (like his Precision eyebrow pencil, Which injects Vitamin C(More antioxidants can protect hair from free radicals!), and stroke upwards to create a strand of hair in the fluffy area.

He pointed out: “Fuse more color in the front of the tail and brow,” but make sure to keep the pressure light and start slowly, and increase the intensity as needed. What if your eyebrows are too dark?He said: “You can always use a clean spool for mixing.” Eyebrow gel, If you want, please give it some staying power.

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