Horoscope from AstroTwins in April 2021

On the second day, April 27, Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, began a five-month annual retrograde, retrograde in Mori until April 26, prompting us to add more souls to our goal.

On April 30, the Sun and Uranus, the radical changer, held an annual sorority (party). When they join forces with the terrestrial Taurus, you may be urged to change one of your habits or daily life, from your schedule to the way of earning a living. This is a short transit, like a thunderstorm in the spring, but its effects may continue.

Before you completely get rid of all obstacles in life, try to pause between stimulation and reaction. If you can, list the changes you want to consider. Then, try to sleep some of them for 24 to 48 hours, and then act immediately.

In other words, under the combination of the sun and Uranus, some people will experience an irresistible “call to action.” It may be time to get rid of the shackles and take decisive action.

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