DIY flax spray recipe (with or without alcohol) and 4 fragrance ideas

Although you can absolutely buy pre-made flax sprays, you still have to pay attention to their ingredients.

Perfume spray can bring potentially harmful compounds, such as benzene, formaldehyde, Toluene, Between, p-xylene, with Phthalates Enter the home, so if you are going to the store to buy, please read the label carefully and look for a phthalate-free mixture made from a short and recognizable ingredient list.

Making your own mixture is a good way to ensure that you avoid nasal congestion and avoid accidentally spraying substances up and down the house that may destroy hormones or exacerbate allergies.

DIY sprays are cheap, easy to manufacture, have less waste (using reusable glass bottles can save plastic packaging), and can be customized endlessly.

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