Will common viruses that have fallen in large numbers cause masks forever?

After a pandemic, you can isolate the moments that you feel uncomfortable.but isolationVehec said that distance and masks do not work for many children.

For example, children with speech disorders do not see the teacher’s mouth to learn how to speak correctly.

“Due to the epidemic, I think this is an indispensable evil, and I fully support it, but it has paid the price. This has consequences,” she said. “Among other things, children’s education is suffering.”

With covid vaccine The child is temporarily unavailable. This may be the year when the school wears the mask again.

Some experts (such as researchers trying to improve masks) believe that, like some Asian countries, more societies should accept masks. But even infectious disease experts like Dr. Ricardo Franco of the University of Birmingham in Alabama doubt this is feasible.

Franco said: “Given how difficult it was to achieve a reasonable cultural change in the previous few months, I am skeptical that this crisis is sufficient to deal with widespread cultural change.

The most realistic environment for lasting change may be in healthcare itself.

Doctors and nurses usually do not wear masks before giving birth. Dr. Duane Harrison, who works in the emergency room of the HCA Hospital outside of Nashville, mentioned a physician colleague who has worn masks since graduating from medical school.

Harrison said: “We used to joke and joke with him.” “Until here.”

Today, everyone wears a mask, and Harrison’s department has discovered the same characteristics that many other workplaces have: employees don’t scream unless it’s funny.

Harrison said: “After finishing covid, most of us may continue to do so.” “Because we won’t worry about children and elderly people with runny noses who don’t know they have runny noses. sneeze On your face. “

Some hospital systems, including Nebraska Medicine, have begun to relax their general mask requirements for their employees. However, even staff members who have received vaccinations must still wear masks when seeing patients. Intermountain Healthcare of Utah said that masks will continue to be needed after the statewide mission is lifted in April.

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