How to use Bronzer to increase the volume of lips

This one Plump trick It all boils down to bronze. Trasca said: “Use a brush to outline the cream, and then outline the contour on the outside of the lips.” Tom Ford’s Shade & Illuminate Highlighter & Shader Duet. For the natural deception of this product, Bronzino Shining Cream Bronze of Tower 28 It’s just like a dream, and it has the right ingredients for you. “Walk around and mix it directly into the skin. I always use paper towels everywhere to soak up the excess product,” she continued. When looking for light colors (rather than straight lines), make sure not to skip the blending part.

After that, dip a fluffy brush (similar to Sephora series PRO paint Will finish this work) Entry Foundation Or tinted moisturizer. Wipe off excess oil from your hands, and then gently brush on and around your lips. She said, “Just put it on your lips.”

For the finale: “Take a lip liner, then slightly above the open lip line, pull the lip liner all the way around the lips. Then apply a similar lipstick and fill it in.” She said.She used Soft, dusty rose On her lips, but if you want to find the most natural shade,Check out our guide. Her lips look natural, with a little sheen in the center of the lower lip and Cupid’s arch, which will add a layer of light and reflection.

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