This product is changing the way I sleep

Create a ritual to release the stress of the day.

Research confirmed Our intuition seems to know: Stress can destroy sleep. It is not suitable to hit the pillow with the head full of worried thoughts. I like to think like this. Every morning, our thoughts are like an empty swimming pool.By the end of the day, the pool is full of (if not overflowing) ideas, of which about 6,000 are the latest ideas the study after Nature Communications Suggest.

It can be said that to empty the pool, I made a diary and meditation It is part of my evening routine. Both are exercises that can help me clear my mind, and can adapt me to the needs of the current moment, and this moment can be rest after all. The less crowded my thoughts before going to bed, the easier it is to fall asleep.

End with the help of CBD.

If I don’t have a hot drink, I can’t relax.The drink I choose every night is Shu Mengfen.First of all because it is produced by dreams: melatonin, magnesium, rexi, L-theanine and beam Nano CBD. And (and mainly) because it tastes like healthy hot chocolate. A spoonful of Dream mixed with cinnamon powder mixed with warm oat milk has become a non-negotiable part of my wind reduction ceremony.

This surprised me because I have doubts about CBD. I don’t struggle with insomnia, so I think Beam’s Nano CBD will only soften the edges. I don’t think this will bring my sleep to a new depth. After just a few nights, I can feel the effects of interrupted sleep and good sleep. I have a lot of energy, and only at night with my eyes closed can I get better every day.

Create bedtime boundaries.

The boundaries of bedtime help us focus on our rituals.Getting used to it is not easy, but I set a limit, put down the screen an hour before bedtime, and then read a novel or poem (Mug dream In hand). When I need to rest, I even put my phone in airplane mode, just to make sure that the only wave in the room is the triangular wave of my REM cycle. Bedtime limits may also mean asking cohabitants to reduce their sleep time, or not tempting you to stay up late (good luck!).

A good tailwind ceremony is easy to fall in love with.

For a long time, my time after get off work was lawless. I let my fatigue and stress lead me towards fast-acting dopamine couriers (like Instagram) or too many peanut butter cups. My brain may have felt a sigh of relief, but these exercises quickly failed.Reliable PM habits helped me optimize my precious evening time with Sleep so that I can really recover before the start of the new day.When it tastes like a cup Liang’s dream, This is a habit that is easy to fall in love with.

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