How to herb garden (indoor and outdoor) and 5 best herb kits

According to Greg Pongetti, California State University Fullerton Botanical GardenHerbs need fertile, well-drained soil to grow well. He said: “Herbs do not want their roots to be constantly wetted, so if the soil is not drained well, they are likely to die.”

You can test outdoor soil drainage by digging a hole about 1 foot deep and 1 foot wide. Fill the hole with water, wait 12 hours, and then fill it with water again. This time, set a timer to see how long it takes for the soil to absorb moisture.

Well-drained soil should absorb it Less than two to three hours. If your drainage is not fast, you may need to bring some bags of soil filled with herbs and vegetables into your garden.

If you are growing directly in the garden’s soil, Pongetti adds that it is a good idea to “modify” the soil. Mix in 1 to 2 inches of compost Place it on the surface before planting to help ensure that your herbs grow vigorously.

If you do not have a spacious yard or terrace, but are limited to a porch or balcony, you may prefer to plant a herb garden in a flower pot. If your garden area does not have enough sunlight, this is also a better choice.

“Fill the container with a high-quality filling mixture,” Enfield recommends.

Most herbs can grow in a limited space, so it is easy to experiment and can be exposed to various herbs. Enfield said: “An 18-inch container has enough growth space to hold about five herbs, and a 14-inch container will successfully hold about three plants.”

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