4-step solid strength training steps from the coach

To really put it into practice, choose one of each of the four categories. Complete 5, 10, or 15 repetitions (no matter how comfortable you are), and then move on to the next exercise. Continue to perform this mode until you have completed all four exercises.

You can take a break between each exercise, or you can “make them better if you want,” Larson wrote. (Superset just means that you can do two or more exercises back to back without having to take a break between the two.)

However, the biggest advice is to keep it simple and proceed slowly. According to Larson, in the first few weeks, you should only spend 60% to 70% of your energy.

She wrote: “Profit is like a long and slow courtship.” “Try to act quickly, and progress will go in another direction.” Think like a tortoise: slow and steady.

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