RD shares her healthy eating tips to people with gastrointestinal diseases

If the intestine is effective, use it. This is the slogan that all nutritionists learn early in clinical training, and then apply it in hospitals and outpatient clinics around the world. When the intestinal tract does not work (temporary or long-term), RD can help calculate the patient’s personalized nutritional needs for enteral (tube) and/or parenteral (intravenous) feeding methods.

Dr. Carol S. Ireton-Jones, RDN, LD, CNSC, Very knowledgeable about the calculation of nutritional requirements. After all, she came up with the equation that all nutritionists use on a global scale.

Ireton-Jones is a clinical nutrition expert with decades of experience in nutrition and health care, providing nutrition and health care services to various hospitals and outpatients. She developed the “Ireton-Jones equation”, which RD and MD use in a clinical setting to estimate the energy needs of hospitalized patients.

At a successful private practice law firm based in Dallas, Ireton-Jones manages patients with gastrointestinal (GI) diseases Irritable bowel syndrome, IBD, with Gastroparesis. She also provides services for patients with parenteral and enteral nutritional needs (ie personalized intravenous and tube feeding nutritional formulas). In addition, she was appointed as a fellow of the Society of Nutrition and Nutrition (FAND) and the American Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (FASPEN).

I am very happy to discuss this year’s “National Nutrition Month” theme with Ireton-Jones.She shared valuable insights about her philosophy and methods Personalized nutrition, Suitable for yourself and patients with gastrointestinal challenges.

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