How to DIY Aztec Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask

In this case, what should we do? Well, this is where the clarifying shampoo and care come into play. “I like that these new shampoos are healthier for your hair, but the problem many designers see now is that they are too gentle for people to clean their hair or scalp properly,” said a qualified tribologist. Shab Reslan. “If you want to stick to low-foaming shampoo, that’s absolutely fine, but you may need a clarifying shampoo or treatment once a week.”

However, not all options are created equally-everyone works differently.Have tradition Clarifying shampoo, It relies on powerful sulfates to clean the hair. There are clean versions, and they use botanicals and mild detergents to get the job done.You can make a DIY version like this Baking Soda One (However, many people are very sensitive to baking soda, so stay away from baking soda).

Or, you can use this DIY Aztec clay and ACV mask.

Secrets of the Aztecs Indian Healing Clay It’s the fan’s favorite, almighty 100% natural calcium Bentonite. (To say that this product has attracted dedicated users, the size of a small country can be said to be an understatement.) Bentonite contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. This ingredient is extremely porous and can absorb black skin very effectively. Please keep it before flushing it to the sewer. Holistic skin care experts say: “Calcium bentonite is mild and can provide a variety of minerals to the body.” Samantha Story, LLM, Los Angeles.

What makes this option particularly useful for hair is Apple cider vinegar.For a long time, ACV has been used as a hair ingredient, especially for Apple cider vinegar rinse, Because the acidic nature can help balance the microbiome of the scalp, naturally seal the stratum corneum, increase luster, and provide a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients for the strands.

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