Easy Pumpkin Lasagna Recipe (GF + Vegetarian)

There is so much seasonality Pumpkin varieties From among them, the beauty of this unique multi-purpose fruit (yes, fruit) is undisputed.Squash, or squashIt is the perfect example of a prolific garden gift-depending on the species, the packaging comes in a variety of flavors, textures, colors and nutrients.

One of my favorite squash varieties is squash, or Tender pumpkin (pumpkin) In Spanish. This sweet, hulled pumpkin is widespread in Central and South America. It has a smooth but strong texture that can be contained in a coconut-based stew. Vegetarian soup, Tropical-style desserts and even more.the following Plant-based, Gluten-free pumpkin Lasagna The recipe was inspired by the version my mother gave me when I was a child, and Bow’s excellent adaptability to squash.

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