Professionals say that argan oil is the best oil to cover the ends of split ends

It is worth repeating here: Argan oil will not repair or repair your ends. However, it will help improve their appearance temporarily and superficially. How and why? Thanks to its soft coating, the ability to lock in moisture and improve gloss.

First, the nutritional content of lipids helps them form a protective barrier around the chain. “This is very useful for many situations, especially dry weather, Damaged hair Because it contains a lot of fatty acids, it can lock water in the hair follicles. ” Bindiya Gandhi, MD American Committee Family Medicine Physician and mbg collective member, about Argan oil. “I use it on the ends of my hair to protect the hair from heat styling.” However, unlike heavier oils, it is light in weight, absorbs quickly and does not weigh down the hair, so the ends look lifeless.

In addition, the oil also helps the harness reflect light, thereby further covering up any cracks and wear.According to the hair stylist Lucia Casazza, The use of argan oil helps to change the appearance when used on the ends: “I just use it as a leave-in treatment before and after the blowout to get a clean, polished appearance with silky smooth ends.”

It is also easy to use: pour a small amount (one-caliber size) of oil into your palm to heat it up. Use your hands and fingers to gently apply it to the center shaft to tilt it over damp hair or before using a hot tool. For retouching, you can apply a pea-sized amount only to the end as needed.

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