A neuroscientist, on how broadening the sight can help anxiety

Brewer explained that when you feel anxious, Your eyes will become narrower.It and Somatic memory, He said, your body posture can actually imitate your emotions. Therefore, when you feel closed (for example, if you are caught in a whirlwind of anxiety), your sight will also be closed. Brewer said: “This connection is getting deeper and stronger and stronger.” This makes sense: Have you ever experienced tunnel vision?

Brewer said that this means that the trick to creating a more “open” state in the body is to literally open your eyes. He said: “You can keep your eyes open, and your body posture is:’Wait, are you sure you are depressed? Because your eyes do not suggest that you are depressed.'” What a deep foundation that is. “

He continued: “We cannot close and open at the same time, so this binary choice will be enforced.” This means that your body may subconsciously realize that it feels open and feels better than a tight wound. . As a result, you may begin to notice that stubborn anxiety begins to disappear.

By establishing an open body posture, you can also essentially stimulate curiosity, just like Breuer Told us once,for Dispel anxious thoughts. Curiosity questions such as: “How does anxiety feel? How does it affect your body? What triggers you to think about these anxious thoughts?” When you get caught in a negative feedback loop, it can help you gain awareness and take notice. It all starts with opening your eyes.

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