10 holistic ways to make your snack rack healthy

Most health and nutrition experts you talk to will recommend that you eat a variety of Colorful foods are good for your overall health.In addition, color psychology suggests that different shades can Affect mood, Improve health, and even affect behavior. Although different views and reactions to color are often subjective or ingrained in culture and experience, color can be a powerful tool to promote overall well-being.

For a color-inspired snack rack, consider its depth, purpose, and scale. Depending on its size, you may need to consider colors, shades, and textures that can increase the sense of spaciousness (for example, white, cream), brightness (for example, orange, yellow), coolness (for example, blue, purple) or calmness. (E.g. pink), to name a few. Get creative and start looking for ways to make your snack space a delicacy for the senses!

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