What you need to know


Deborah Keaton, parents, Los Angeles.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: “Health before pregnancy: Care before pregnancy”, “Children after 35: How age affects fertility and pregnancy.”

Penn State Medicine: “The changes before the change: 9 questions about perimenopause.”

Vintonne Naiden, MD, of Decatur, Georgia.

Tommy: “What happens if I get pregnant if I am over 40?”

Sleep Medicine Review: “Women’s sleep, sleep disorders and fertility.”

Johns Hopkins University Medical Center: “Why can’t I get pregnant?”

Shady Grove Fertility: “Nine must-read common sense about hormonal imbalances and trying to get pregnant.”

Family Equality: “Parental Status of Path 2”.

Cleveland Clinic: “Does stress cause you to skip a period of time?”

ReproductiveFacts.org: “Infertility counseling and support: when and where to find it.”

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