Plantspired Meal Solution | Two protein-packed fast vegetarian dinners

Nasoya’s Plantspired Meal Solutions allows you to create fast, flavor-rich and nutritious plant-based foods instantly!

A variety of plant-based meals have been set up for dinner produced by Plantspired Meal Solutions of Nasoya.

The last few weeks of December are always busy. Even in this year’s situation, they have participated in many crazy catch-ups.

Not to mention all the extras cooking with bake.

January is usually full of encouragement (and sometimes stress) to cook and cook from scratch. I’m not sure about your situation, but I don’t remember the last time I entered the new year when I felt as tired as it is now.

Therefore, I want to give myself permission-and invite all those who need to listen-to make things easier. Embrace one or two shortcuts. Take a break from time to time.

In this case, I am grateful for quick and semi-homemade meals. Nasoya’s new work is really lucky Plant inspiration Dishes have entered my life.

A large cast iron frying pan is filled with bean peppers.

What is Plantspired Meal Solution?

For many years, Nasoya Tofu has been my first choice tofu. This is a great product, always organic, always non-GMO, and has many different consistency.

I use company, super company and super company for Marinating and bakingAs well as french fries and Hash.This is even the basis of my self-made Vegan Cream Cheese. At the same time, I turned to silky tofu as a seasoning, Soup.

Nasoya Plant inspiration Meal solutions are the perfect bridge between pure tofu and complete homemade meals. They have two plant-based options: pre-seasoned, pre-cooked, heatable chili and classic meat sauce.

Tofu is the main protein in two meals. Hearty chili also contains kidney beans, which provide extra protein and fiber.

Both meals can be eaten immediately. They only need to heat it in a frying pan to eat. They are characterized by rich and delicious sauces with many spices.

How to serve Plantspired meals

I like to think of Plantspired dishes as appetizers. They are the main protein in plant-based diets.

To make them a balanced diet with all three macronutrients (in other words, Power Board! ), just add your favorite starch or whole grains.

service Plantspired’s hearty paprika solution

Some ideas for serving enthusiastic peppers:

As you can see, this is what I have been doing recently! And I like to put some shredded vegan cheese on it. There are some important ideas:

  • Vegan sour cream
  • Chopped green onions
  • Yum Sauce
  • Cashew cream
  • Roasted Guinea Fowl

service Plantspired classic meat sauce meal solution

Plantspired Classic Bolognese is also versatile!

An oblique photo of cooked noodles with a vegan sauce made from tofu.

To be honest, I have always been content to pile it on pasta, and I have no plans to stop it anytime soon. But there are many other options. You can serve it:

  • In faro
  • Served with zoodles (or other vegetarian pasta)
  • In toasted ciabatta bread, maybe paired with some garlic sauteed vegetables
  • Mixed with vegetables and baked into pizza crust
  • Toast

And, just like peppers, you can further customize Plantspired meal solutions by matching different toppings. my choice:

  • Vegetarian Bama
  • Vegetarian cheese shreds
  • Cube bread or bread crumbs (for bread, this is useful, it will be a bit stale soon!)

By the way, I have made many different attempts with vegetarian meat sauce. I have used lentils, mushrooms, broccoli, vegan meat, vegan sausages. What I have done is not what I want-so far.

But this tofu meat sauce is very popular. This is the meat sauce noodles that I am most satisfied with, even if I have not prepared the recipe myself! Sometimes it is necessary to hand over kitchen projects to experts.

A plant-based tofu chili, topped with vegan cheese, and piled on a plate of brown rice.

Plant nutrition

This Plantspired’s hearty paprika solution Each serving contains 13 grams of vegetable protein.This is a good quantity, if you add some vegetables or Protein-rich accompaniment eat.

Chili is also packed with six grams of fiber and 20% of the recommended daily iron intake for adults, which is impressive. The meat sauce noodles are equally firm.

These meals are designed to provide adequate and balanced nutrition for plant-based eaters, who do not always have time to cook from scratch.

Nasoya's Plantspired meal solution has been used in several different simple preparations, including a plate of chili and rice.

Know yourself where you are

Speaking of this, it’s worth mentioning my conversation with Nutrition client On an almost weekly basis.

I usually start by recommending vegan products (or a full range of products), which are designed to help someone reduce cooking while also eating healthy plant-based foods.

My clients often expressed doubts about this, and even some discomfort. I think all of us like to stick to the idea that we can do it ourselves. All the work, all the care, all the cooking.

But one of the biggest lessons I learned in 2020 is to know yourself. I mean, I really learned it, in a sense, I accepted it and acted on it instead of talking about it.

I stopped trying to do everything. I learned to accept things that I really don’t have the energy to do month after month. Even if they seem feasible, even if I used to be able to do it regularly.

This is not the past.Is now

The longer i do Nutrition work, The longer I observe, the deeper my health Realistic mindset Yes. If a person is exhausted, distracted, or busy actually cooking food, it is not worthwhile to make a careful meal plan. Healthy vegan products are much better than “homemade” foods that have never been cooked.

And products such as Plantspired dishes prove that semi-homemade food can be as healthy and nutritious as any product from scratch.

Nasoya's Plantspired Meal solution has simple vegan peppers that have been fished out into a plate of brown rice.

Healthy and practical New Year

When we start the new year, I cheer for you and meet with you, not as you wish. Of course, it’s great to have goals and intentions. However, it is usually better to develop stable habits than short-term efforts. When we are committed to doing things that are practical and feasible, habits will develop.

Or, to quote a yoga teacher, this sentence has a profound effect on me: “Whenever it is easy, make it easy.”

Thanks to Nasoya and Plantspired Meal Solutions for making my vacation easier. You can visit the Nasoya website to learn more about how I plate these delicious dinners!


This article is sponsored by Nose House. All opinions are my own. thank you for your support!

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