12 ways to overcome loneliness


Whether you are a social butterfly or a shy wallflower, you are human, so you can connect with others.After a year of life Social isolation Recently, many people find themselves feeling lonely more than ever. That’s not great-lack of personal connections can lead to emotional and physical problems, such as:

  • go to bed problem
  • Feeling stressed
  • Changed brain Features
  • increase heart problem
  • higher Stroke risk
  • Poor decision making
  • Memory problem
  • Higher risk of drug abuse

Not needed Pandemic Make you feel lonely. Personal events can also make you feel isolated from the world.

Sarah Hightower, a licensed professional consultant in Atlanta, recalled abortion Years ago. “I know that I am not the only one who has gone through this process, but at this moment, you will feel like the only one. I am deeply Grief And loneliness. “

As a therapist, Hightower tries to help clients realize that talking about loneliness is a good thing. She said: “This may be a call to action.” “These feelings awaken people’s attention to the things that can be changed in our lives.”

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If you have felt lonely in recent days-maybe more than usual-this is the way to the other end.

be good to yourself

Your inner critic can soothe loneliness. If you think that you are different or inappropriate for you, connecting with others may be more difficult. You may fall into a lonely rut. Recognize your idea and treat it as an opportunity to make some changes.

“Lonely is like pain“, said Dr. David Cates, Director of Behavioral Health, Nebraska Department of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska. “It may be difficult to measure, but you know when you feel it. “Recognizing your poor health may indicate that you may need more time with friends and family.

treat others well

Taking the time to help others can be very helpful. Reaching out can release your inner happiness and make you feel like part of a larger community. Check an older relative or neighbor.volunteer soup Kitchen or virtual community activities.

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Cates said: “We know that people are harmed across the country due to pandemics.” “The truth is that we have been dealing with loneliness and lack of social connections before the global pandemic.” Experts like Cates It was pointed out that the decrease in social networks may be due to the smaller family size, the increase of social media, the family living farther away, and the decrease in contact with volunteers and religious groups.

Plan ahead

There are some days on the calendar that will make you sad. Plan difficult days or seasons in advance and add something interesting to the calendar. Try to meet safely with friends or family. It helps when there is something you want to see on the day (or time of year) you are afraid of.

“I call it active self-care,” Hightower said. “Recognize that you expect to feel lonely for a period of time and be more gentle with yourself.” Plan to drive or meet up with friends. Expect happy things to bring happiness.

Adopt a pet

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If you already have a fur baby, you may be able to share the benefits of keeping a pet at home. If not, please consider welcoming your family.Research shows that keeping pets can reduce blood pressure, Improve mood, reduce stress pressure. If you feel lonely, this lovely company can also help you. However, make sure that you can handle the costs and additional tasks required.

Use social media wisely

Jumping on social media can help you feel connected. But too much online time can lead to loneliness.

Hightower said: “Social media can sometimes deceive you and make you think you are making a real connection.” “Social media is good, but it shouldn’t replace real connections.”

Take a look at how much time you spend online. “We focus on likes, but these don’t translate into a sense of connection,” psychology At the New School of Social Studies in New York City. Instead, use social media to help you build connections beyond likes and comments. Play online games with family and friends. Try out apps that let you watch shows or movies with others.

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Rediscover hobbies

A hobby-even you alone can help. The magical moment of being lost in doing what you like can free you from loneliness. You may hear it called “traffic” or “in the area.”

You might like reading, cooking, photography or Yoga. Things that involve your hands (such as knitting and painting) can also help you lose time in a good way. Or register to learn new hobbies. Try online self-paced courses, or view some online videos. You will meet people with common interests along the way.

Reconnect with other people

You don’t need thousands of actors to stop feeling lonely. Experts say that having a few close friends can make a big difference.Start by making a phone call, then consider scheduling an online chat or coffee or tea The fun you enjoy in person or almost together.

Check with others, knowing that they may also find it difficult to leave their comfort zone. Restart a family game night, or plan a monthly online party with friends from all miles.

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Find your reason

Finding a sense of purpose seems to be a separate task, but it is not. Purpose is rooted in working with others. When you find the call of life, you will usually find someone who is on your way. Part of the reason may come from reconnecting to your beliefs or taking time to reflect.

Digging deeper into your root causes can also help you define your goals.Hear stories about you family history Can alleviate Frustrated Brown said, improve self-esteem. “Knowing how our family is going through difficult times can help us put the challenge in the background.”

Brown said research shows that nostalgic activities such as looking through old family photos can make you feel closer to others.

go outside

Whether you are with friends or alone, time spent in nature will make you feel comfortable. Brown said: “A lot of research shows that life in nature can help lonely people.”

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Take a scenic drive. Walk in the park alone or with friends. Take a day off at work or home work, and then spend the day on the beach, lake or trail. If you work from home, set up an office outdoors when the weather is good.

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Moving has many benefits, including helping you get rid of the depression of loneliness.Try to dance Yoga, Or go for a walk, or find one work out Online class.Staying active can help Frustrated, anxiety, pressure, And many other things that loneliness can bring.

No time or energy for a long time work out? no problem. Start every day from 5 to 10 minutes, and then start building from there.Research shows moderate exercise-where are you Breathe Heavier than usual and a little warmer-can bring many benefits.

Look for treatment

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. But experts say that if you feel a problem, please do the following:

  • Loneliness more than once a week
  • empty
  • Like you don’t belong

If you cannot get rid of these feelings, you may need to talk to a counselor. Lost loved ones, divorced, retirementOr moving to a new town can release the feeling of loneliness. The therapist can help you through these difficulties and provide tools to make them better.

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Learn to cherish time alone

It may sound strange, but if you are feeling lonely, time spent alone may be helpful. Keites said: “It is important to distinguish between loneliness and social isolation.” Loneliness is subjective. Some people are lonely, they are not alone, and some people around many people have a deep sense of loneliness.

Spending time with yourself can help you feel refreshed; bring greater clarity and focus, and increase creativity.It can also help you relationship, Because spending quality time with yourself can help you appreciate the time you spend with others. Like anything else, balance is the key. If you spend too much time alone, your instinct will tell you. You may feel that something is wrong. This may be a good sign to reconnect with others.

Loneliness does not have to be the same throughout life. Making some changes can return to the joy, connection and friendship waiting around the corner.


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